Services – the products of the  21. century

Worldwide, the share of services in the gross domestic product and thus also their importance for the economy has been steadily increasing for decades. As intangible products, services develop their impact on the customer through various intermediaries at a variety of touch points, e.g. telephone hotline, e-mail or letter. The design of an optimal service experience at these touchpoints has manifold effects on a company’s complex system of structures, processes, resources, employees and other stakeholders. To harmonize these effects and to enable a seamless service experience the customers with coordinated and well-balanced services and systems for is the task of the service management. Last not least, a service certification clearly shows internally and externally that companies are serious about their service and customer orientation.

Integrated services from a single source

CUSTOR offers its customers service management, service design and service certificationservice certification as modular services from a single source – from consulting to execution up to coaching. Further information on these service areas can be found here:

Präsenz Servicemanagement

Service Management

Just like physical products, services and the systems by which they are offered to the customer require thoughtful development and management. As being intangible, the design and definition of presentation, appearance and quality requirements as well as their controlling across the various touch points is of particular importance. This is the task of service management.

Service Design

The development of services should not be a random product, ideally it follows a structured and (scientifically) founded process. Not least due to the cooperation and participation of customers, it is absolutely necessary to place their attitudes, expectations and behavior at the center of the development of services. This customer-centric approach is the focus of service design.


Service Certification

Standstill is a step backwards – this also applies to the service positioning of companies. It is therefore important to be critically examined again and again. By an objective, external partner, with a methodologically sound and proven set of tools and a holistic research approach. With the resulting knowledge, a company’s service orientation can be permanently guaranteed. Quality seals document this impressively – both internally and externally.

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