Your customer segmentation –

as unique as your customers

All customers are important, but not every customer is equally important. Therefore, products and services should not be distributed evenly across all customers according to a “scattergun approach”, but rather be differentiated as per customer segments.

Classical segmentation approaches, which are based solely on socio-demographics, fall short in many cases because they reflect neither the different motivations of customers, nor consider their real potential, a cost-benefit analysis of the customer (customer value analysis) is often completely omitted.

For this reason, CUSTOR developed an integrated customer segmentation concept that combines specific survey data (motives & socio-demographics) with proprietary customer revenue data. Customer segments developed on the base of this data can be described in detail and can subsequently be transferred to the entire customer base.

  • CUSTOR’s customer segmentation has a high degree of practical relevance since, in addition to the socio-demographic survey data and the psychographic characteristics (eg service affinity, advisory affinity, willingness to pay) of the respondents optionally also internal company data and potential data can be included in the segmentation.
  • CUSTOR’s customer segmentation provides valuable insights for the development of segment-specific communication and sales concepts for your segment-specific products and services.
  • Thus you can address your customers in a targeted manner and offer them products and services that meet their needs with precisely tailored communication. This creates added value for your customers and your company.

CUSTOR’s customer segmentation provides you with the following content in particular:

  • Customer segments based on internal and external criteria
  • Detailed description of the customer segments
  • Calculation and representation of potential exploitation and unused potentials (optional)
  • Regional presentation of segments in the business area (optional)
  • Visualisation of the potential in the business area in the form of thematic maps (optional)

In order to take the individual situation of the company and the respective industry into account, the survey design is always coordinated individually with the client.

Online interviews, hosting on CUSTOR’s server. For cost-effectiveness reasons, this is the preferred form of survey.

Alternatively, the data may also be collected by means of computer-assisted telephone interviews – however, due to the associated higher costs, this collection method will only be given preference in exceptional cases.

The required sample size is closely related to the fill levels of specific variables that should be used to calculate the customer segments or transfer them to the total private customer base. Also, to allow a detailed description of the individual customer segments, a number of 200 to 300 completes per segment should not be undercut as far as possible.

Based on a small customer segment of approx. 15%, this means that a total sample of n = 1,000 to 1,500 interviews is usually sufficient for a valid customer segmentation with subsequent transfer of the segments to the total customer base.

  • Methodical consultation, study design and project management
  • Questionnaire development, programming and pretest
  • Recruitment of the sample
  • Organization of fieldwork
  • Encoding open questions
  • Computer-aided data analysis
  • Delivery of tables in CUSTOR format
  • Calculation of customer segments
  • Transfer of the segments to the client stock of the commissioning company (optional)
  • Comparison actual situation / potential, degrees of utilization (optional)
  • Chart report (about 40 pages) with management summary and description of the client segments

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