How does your customer perceive your service?

Comprehensive service management optimally accompanies the customer through all stages and touchpoints of his customer journey – from the gathering and evaluation of information to the purchase, the post-purchase phase and, if necessary, to the complaint management. In this field, many companies hide large unused potential. As an external consultant, CUSTOR helps to raise these treasures, as a coach we support you in implementing new services and maintaining defined service levels.

The service management process

Service management presents itself as a continuous process or control loop: The determination of the service strategy and goals, the service design, the provision of resources as well as the service provision, the service effect at the service recipient and the service controlling. Thanks to their optimal design and seamless and smooth meshing, you can use existing service potential and ensure optimal service results for your customers and your company.

With CUSTOR, you can improve both the entire service management process and optimize modularly selected areas – in the form of an external service, as an internal consultation or as a coaching of the employees.

Your service – as unique as your customers

Customers and suppliers remain individuals even in mass markets: what appeals to one customer as they do not expect such performance is an essential “must” for others. And what a company offers as a matter of course, is for the other a dilution of the brand essence. The service effect, i.e. satisfaction and loyalty and, as a result, customer value, emerge in the encounter of expectation and experience. Therefore, the detailed knowledge of your customer expectations as well as the prerequisite for the optimal design of service and service creation, such as your company’s potential and peculiarities.

Our expertise for your success

CUSTOR has been familiar with the market of financial products and services for many years and understands it from the point of view of customers and from those of different providers. In this way we support you in raising your hidden “service treasures”.

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