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Companies’ needs for skilled and dedicated employees continue to be strong, including with regard to the “talent gap 2030”, when millions of experienced workers from the baby boomers will retire. In this respect and as well with regard to employer branding, employee satisfaction and employee loyalty are becoming increasingly important for the future.

CUSTOR’s employee survey provides you with a comprehensive toolkit to analyze and optimize your employees’ current satisfaction in all relevant fields, to identify strengths, to point out existing weaknesses and to identify promising fields of action.

  • The Employee Survey provides you with comprehensive and unfiltered information about how your employees assess your business and what their real pain points are. The detailed data analysis and the action-oriented reporting structure will enable you to directly use the identified optimization potentials.
  • Involving your employees in the follow-up implementation activities fosters their identification, motivation and commitment as well as communication across department and hierarchy boundaries. As a result, the employee survey is an important component of change processes in the company.
  • The anonymized link with your internal key figures such as absenteeism, sick leave, fluctuation but also external ones as customer satisfaction and loyalty can reveal corresponding causal relations.
  • If carried out repeatedly, employee surveys also serve as a controlling instrument for the effectiveness of implemented improvement activities. In-depth evaluations at various subgroup levels also enable you to perform extensive internal benchmarking.
  • In case of a periodic measurement, the thematically modular structure of CUSTOR’s employee survey ensures a broad spectrum of insight while being highly cost-efficient.

CUSTOR’s employee survey provides you with the following content in particular:

  • Employee loyalty (loyalty, commitment, re-choice, recommendation, etc.)
  • Salary and commission system
  • Social benefits, leave entitlement
  • Company funding / further training
  • Working atmosphere / cooperation (total & own department)
  • Supervisors (satisfaction, professional and social skills, management style)
  • Performance review / assessment dialogues, agreement on objectives
  • Co-operation of the Management Board and the Staff Council
  • Equipment of the workplace, work time regulation
  • Social rooms and parking
  • Satisfaction as a customer / employee terms & conditions
  • Image of the company
  • Socio-demographics / structural data

Due to the close co-operation while developing the questionnaire, a thematic focus is set and company-specific questions can easily be implemented.

Online interviews, hosting on CUSTOR’s server. For cost-effectiveness reasons, this is the preferred form of survey.

Alternatively: paper-pencil-survey, central collection of the sealed reply envelopes or direct return to CUSTOR by the employees via mail.

Employee surveys usually do not involve sampling, all employees are surveyed in the form of a complete survey.

  • methodical consultation, survey design and project management
  • kick-off-meeting with the contracting company
  • expert workshop to develop the questionnaire content (optional)
  • questionnaire design in close cooperation with the company
  • programming and pretest
  • fieldwork (recruiting of employees, service hotline)
  • interviews and field control
  • coding of open ends
  • computer-aided data analysis
  • tables
  • chart report (about 50 pages) containing management summary and recommendations for action
  • presentation of the results to management and employees (optional)
  • implementation workshop (optional)
  • support of subsequent change processes (optional)

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