The better is the natural enemy of the good

Companies are successful today because they have done many things right in the past. But external and internal framework conditions are changing – and this ever faster in the furture. You have to keep a finger on the pulse all the time, otherwise there will be more and more room for improvement, i.e. untapped potential. But the management attention is not always on the areas that are e.g. for the customers and their loyalty most relevant. In addition, the necessary expertise cannot always be provided in-house – either because it is needed there only sporadically, or because it is there too much “in-house” and thus remains in its inner perspective. Therefor consulting and coaching services from external partners are needed. This applies in particular to the development of new services that may call into question one’s own, established business model – which exactly can be a survival necessity in times of disruptive change.

CUSTOR's Portfolio of Consulting Services

Service providers also need advice – but not all the same. CUSTOR’s spectrum is therefore broad and comprises three areas:


Consulting on the external handling of specific tasks in the fields of market research or service design as well as in-house consulting on the subject of service management or structures.


Coaching of employees with the aim to bring external know-how into their own company, to support change processes or to develop and / or to implement new services.


CUSTOR’s FutureCheck for Companies: Based on our many years of experience and in-house research, we have developed a tool to verify the sustainability of companies.

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