Service Certification and Audit

Successful service management requires permanent service controlling to ensure compliance with the defined service standards. This permanent controlling should be supplemented by an external service check at regular intervals. On the one hand, you can successfully counteract an eventual operational blindness, on the other hand, the outside view on your own service activities and the structural, procedural and personal resources used provides valuable input for the continuous improvement of your company’s service positioning.

Multiple effects through service certification

These internal effects of a service check on a company’s service quality can be complemented and enhanced by a service certification: A corresponding quality seal encourages and motivates the employees in their efforts to comply with or even improve their own service standards. On the other hand, the quality seal documents the existing concern for quality and quality level to actual and prospective customers.

Holistic approach creates added value

The customer experience is tracked with the help of a customer survey by CUSTOR – German Institute for Customer Orientation. In addition to general and industry-specific requirements, the survey design also takes into account the individual characteristics of the company to be certified. The thus determined subjective component of customer perception is additionally accompanied by an objective company audit, which usually consists of a written management survey and a personal audit interview with the management. Using a holistic approach like this allows the comparison of inside and outside perception to reveal valuable insights into cause-and-effect relationships in the service management of a company. This makes it easier to derive action-oriented measures to improve the customer experience.

Effects of a service certification

Service certification and Service Audit – from profor pros

We think: Only those who have sufficient experience in service design and management are able to make a qualified assessment of this for third parties. CUSTOR not only has a 25 years of experience in designing services and systems, but also understands their embedding in service management. Thus – and based on the certification and audit – we are able to create action-oriented insights, which provide you with real added value in the fields of portfolio, strategy, structures, processes, resources and employees.

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