Innovation means change – also of people

Market research is often the basis for innovation and almost always a reason for change, as well as properly understood service management leads to development potential. Successful managers know that services, and especially service innovations, are not “run-of-the-mill” products, which arise, so to speak, incidentally and can quickly be added to the sales portfolio.

CUSTOR therefore supports companies in two fields of action with specific coaching:

Coaching in Service Design and Design Thinking

In Service Design, joint workshops with external design specialists – such as CUSTOR – and internal experts who bring in the DNA of their own company are recommended to create an authentic added value for the customer. In order to preserve the critical idea of innovation of Design Thinking in the ongoing service management activities beyond today, it has been a proven method to qualify employees to become a “Design Thinker”. This “train-the-trainer approach” ensures the dissemination and development of competence and mindset in the company through the multiplier effect, thus contributing to its long-term success.

Coaching in Service Management and actual implementation

In order to ensure a successful Service Management, it is essential that (consulting) results are subsequently implemented in the form of actual change measures: For this purpose, CUSTOR provides coachings that increase both the knowledge and the awareness of the service management process within the company. Last but not least, CUSTOR will help you by actually training your employees who present and embody the new or enhanced services at the various touch points.

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