Fitness for Future – are companies prepared?

More than ever before, companies and entrepreneurs are asking themselves: “Is my company fit for the future and how can I make it future-proof?” – A question that is as simple in its formulation as its answer is complicated:

Requirements for sustainability

As a result, companies are facing increasingly rapid and serious changes in the fields of globalization, technology, values and demographics. In order to be sustainable in this context, the necessary conditions (in the mathematical sense) are to have a sense of urgency and the financial power to be able to afford necessary changes. In addition, as sufficient conditions for actual changes, companies additionally need the willingness to innovate, i. E. the will to initiate change measures, and the ability to innovate, i.e. the ability to implement these measures purposefully.

Fitness for the Future – far more than digitization

In many cases, Fitness for the Future is not only closely linked to digitization but even equated with it. However, this is far too shortsighted, since companies are complex entities in which ideally all areas must be in a harmonious relationship to each other. This fact must be taken into account in digitization.

Stand-alone solutions do not help

Thus, e.g. the IT transformation without changes in a company’s processes and structures does not fully exploit its opportunity potential. Similarly, a strategic realignment without the consideration of the dimensions target system, employees, leadership and communication culture is already doomed to fail. External consultants, on the other hand, often only provide stand-alone solutions, e.g. for the IT or the HR department. But experience shows that these alone are insufficient for a company’s comprehensive orientation towards its own future.

FutureCheck: A holistic analytical tool

However, to holistically scrutinize a company’s viability to successfully face its future challenges, it takes a holistic analytical tool, as provided by CUSTOR’s FutureCheck. The FutureProfile thus determined apparently shows the top management the strengths and weaknesses on the basis of 14 dimensions that are relevant for the company’s future.

The analysis is part of a half-day workshop and, in addition to the prioritization of the dimensions, also includes a first focusing on the dimension with the highest priority and the priority-based definition of the next steps. Key issues include how the company perceives environmental changes, assesses them, derives decisions and implements them in the company.

The future has already begun – is your company fit for it? Find out!

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