Your Market analysis –

as unique as your markets

Due to a relatively similar product offering on the supply side, it is increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to develop new market potential. CUSTOR’s Market Analysis System (MAS) provides you with a cost-effective instrument for analyzing your current market structure, identifying existing potentials and revealing promising fields of action.

  • CUSTOR’s market analysis system provides you with past, present and future-oriented information about your entire market, i.e. both about your current and past and potential customers.
  • The detailed data analysis with internal and external benchmarks and the action-oriented chart report allow you a fast and effective implementation of recommendations in order to use the identified optimization potential.
  • In-depth evaluations at subgroup level (branch offices / market areas, customers / non-customers) enable you to set up an extensive internal and external benchmarking.

CUSTOR’s Market Analysis System provides you with the following content in particular:

  • market structure and position
  • market attractiveness and potential
  • reasons for choosing and changing a provider
  • product use,
  • advice and service
  • image of your company
  • competitors

in your company’s business district.

The questionnaire is always developed in close cooperation with the client so that there is enough room for company-specific questions like e.g. willingness to pay for additional services.

Online, computer assisted telephone or personal interviews

For cost-effectiveness reasons, online interviews are the preferred form of survey, it will be hosted on CUSTOR’s server.

For a market analysis in b2c markets the sample will be drawn from the database of a specialized market research service provider according to the ADM master-sample.
For b2b markets, it is drawn from a regionally selected address list of a renowned address publisher.

The required sample size is closely related to the desired depth of analysis of individual subgroups, therefore it is always specified with the client individually. We recommend a minimum subset size of n = 70, as there is a considerable loss of statistical quality below this limit.

  • methodical consultation, study design and project management
  • questionnaire development, programming and pretest
  • recruitment of the sample
  • organization of fieldwork
  • interviews and field control
  • coding of open ends
  • computer-aided data analysis
  • delivery of tables in CUSTOR format
  • chart report (about 60 pages) containing management summary and prioritized recommendations for action
  • presentation of the results to the client

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